No room for cheating

There are honest people like you, and also there are fraudsters. Let’s accept it. And we have to be wary of them, so that we don’t fall prey. To do so, we have put together a fraud awareness programme in place.

We are not them

Please note that we will never call you or mail you asking for money to be deposited in a designated bank account. There have been numerous cases where candidates have received calls from fraudsters pretending to be us, asking for money as standard procedure for getting a job. That’s never our standard procedure.

Not acceptable

Anhox never accepts payments of any kind from candidates in return for a job. And we are strict about it. Anyone who wants to, we reject them immediately.

Best practices

Anhox has put in place the best policies to for recruitment. We like honest people and we want people like you to join hands with us and take precautions to help us maintain integrity.