Quality Assurance

Providing quality products at the affordable price has been Anhox guiding philosophy. The Quality Assurance team of own setup monitors and reviews quality control checks at each phase of the production cycle at different location. They implement corporate SOP, QA and guidelines.

Quality Control

The Quality Control team follows procedures, in our all plant we strictly implement and conducts tests and checks to ensure that products match up to the quality standards. Right from the release of the raw material to the finish product, it keeps a constant check. In short, Quality Control manages, implements and reviews the quality systems in place.


The Production Department is responsible for all production activity and planning for Cream, Ointment, Liquid Formulation ,tablet and capsule.

We make unique products. Then what. It needs to reach to people who can use it and benefit from it. And not just a to a handful of people but to millions, in different corners. Our sales team gets us there.


We take utmost care to understand the needs of our customers. This enables us to develop innovative quality products at an affordable cost. Anhox has over 70+ products being marketed and 50+ products under development. The product portfolio caters to unique range of therapeutic areas such as , Dermatology, pediatric, Gynecology and many more.

Product management team

One of the many reasons Anhox has been consistently able to bring innovative and life-changing products to the market is because of the collaborative work done by Product Management Team. They not only handle the entire brand management but also focus on detailed sample and promotion strategy.

Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory professionals come from diverse backgrounds with diverse skill-sets. They ensure that our products fill a need-gap of our customers. Products that make life better. And that they are manufactured using the highest standards, and are safe and effective to use. They are an important part of the organizational structure and is the key interface between the company and the regulatory authorities.

Human Resources

The most important aspect of an organisation are its people. And an organisaiton is always looking for talented people. And people to fill various vacancies. Human Resource finds those people for an organisation just when the organisation needs them. Getting the right talent at the right time. They also bring various systems in place, and introduce new ideas so that the employees are always a happy lot.


They help in maintaining the financial wealth of the company. This department also controls the inflow and outflow of cash on a daily basis. A think-tank for day to day analysis of financial transaction.

Information Services

Flow of information is the life blood of an organisation. And its smooth flow and reach is the job of this department. They ensure proper co-ordination between team members and between heads of all the departments. Without which, there would be complete chaos and the entire system would collapse.

Field Administration

Monitors the preparation of sales force. Keeping files to monitor their achievement, failures, objectives, sales report, admin. report, meeting agenda, confirmation of hotel booking etc.

Logistics Department

Matters related to drug license, transport, distribution, back-hand other such issues are the forte of this department. In fact, they cover the whole gamut of distribution services. From establishing a strong and effective distribution system to making sure that the products reaches its destination. On time.

Purchase Department

Yes, this department makes all the purchases for the company that go into making new products. But it doesn’t end there. Besides helping to sourcing for raw-materials, they are responsible for negotiation and finalization of contracts with vendors. Also, they are also responsible for developing, implementing and reviewing of purchase manual.

Business Development and Planning

They are responsible for preparing production plans and purchase orders, analyzing and deciding on the vendors, ensuring timely supply, as well as coordinating with Quality Dept., revision of MRP and information regarding the delivery schedule.

Formulations & Development

The team specializes in creating innovative processes for Branded formulations. The Company’s wide product basket comprising formulations from Antibiotics, Dermatology, Gynaecology and other therapy segments have been trusted by its patients and doctors across geographies.