At Anhox, we celebrate diversity. You’ll find people from different regions, backgrounds, and beliefs working together, making it a fertile ground for rich cultural exchanges, experiencing new ways of life and meeting new people and ideas.

Reach out
We have put a good system in place to help you reach us. All simple and effective.

Visit our site

Our site is not just a one-way-communication. We want to hear from you too. To apply, visit our site, jump to our career section and then follow the steps.

Registered Yet?

The whole process starts with a simple registration. You’ll find a registration form that will ask you for some basic information and questions for you to fill. Fill it diligently without missing a point and submit it. Once you’ve registered, you’ve brought yourself in our consideration set. Remember, your registration form is our first touch-point with you and our first basis of assessment.

Check out job portals

Job portals could be another good way. You’ll also find our openings on popular job portals. On finding a match, fill in the required details and apply, and we will get back to you.

Campus calling
You can also find us paying a visit to your campus to scout for good candidates to fill our vacancies. There are placement co-ordinates who send us basic details of your institute. Depending on the requirement of the job, HR department will come to your campus.

Print ads. Read

There is also the good, old ways of finding an opening through newspaper advertisement. Read the terms and conditions properly and apply accordingly.

Help is at hand

You can also get in touch with a good consultant. By good consultant we mean someone of repute and with a specialisation on the career you want for yourself. So, it’s important that you check for their credentials before you approach them. Our HR department keeps a record of such good consultants and is regularly in touch with them to get the right candidate. They will help you fix up a meeting with us and take it forward from there.